Diatomaceous Earth Registrations & Organics

NZFSA - New Zealand Food Safety Authority

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority or NZFSA has completed a class determination of Fossil Shell Flour from Perma-Guard.  It has been defined as an agricultural compound, however has been assessed as GRAS or 'Generally Regarded As Safe'.  As such, it has been granted exemption from registration under the ACVM or Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act as a stock feed supplement.

BIOGRO - Organic Registration, New Zealand

BioGro New Zealand has assessed Diatomaceous Earth from Perma-Guard.  It has passed and been granted registration with BioGro Organic status as an input product into organic farming as a stock feed supplement and as a soil conditioner.   In addition to stock feed supplement and as a soil conditioner application was sought as an organic insecticide. 


BioGro certify organic farms and input products destined for the NZ, Australian, North American, European and Japanese markets, complying with their respective organic standards.  As such, in order for products to achieve BioGro organic status it must comply with all the standards from each and every of the countries noted above. 


Due to a lack of inclusion of DE in the Japanese Organic Standard (JAS), as an organic insecticide, Perma-Guard's Fossil Shell Flour is unable to achieve BioGro Organic status for this specific application.  Until this situation changes we are unable to claim that DE sold on this site is certified as an organic insecticide.  Despite this, all the other countries mentioned do note it and accept it as such for this specific application.


Only DE sold in original Perma-Guard 50lb / 22.68kg bags or those branded with DENZ labels and logos are granted BioGro organic status.  This is due to the organic audit trials involving all components of the product which includes importation, storage, re-packaging and labeling aspects assessed in the certification process.


ERMA- Environmental Risk Management Authority, NZ

The Environmental Risk Management Authority of NZ has assessed Diatomaceous Earth.  It has granted it exemption from individual registration as it is already covered by a previous application.


FDA - United States of America

The FDA in the USA has assessed Permaguard's Diatomaceous Earth, trademarked Fossil Shell Flour as GRAS or 'Generally Regarded As Safe'.  In the USA Fossil Shell Flour is registered as a stock feed supplement and anti-caking agent for livestock feeds.


OMRI - Organic Registration, USA

The Organic Material Review Institute has granted Perma-guard's Fossil Shell Flour OMRI status as a certified  organic product in the United States.

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