Anti-Caking Agent

Diatomaceous Earth is a completely natural, chemical free anti-caking agent.  It has very useful benefits in products and feeds that experience difficulties in pouring and flowing.   Particularly stock-feeds containing molasses tend to form clumps and become sticky.  Not only will the clumps become hard to pour, they start to encourage mould and potential wastage can occur.  DE, when mixed with the feed will coat the particles preventing them from binding together.  This enables the feed to flow better making the feed less likely to mould due to the moisture absorbency characteristics of Fossil Shell Flour.

Replace 2% of product with food grade Diatomaceous Earth for flow control benefits.  Not only will it flow better, food grade DE is also has some benefit as a long term grain protector (see Grain Storage Protector).   Additional benefits include ...

  • All natural, chemical free anti-caking agent
  • Less wastage, money saved
  • Easier handling, easier storage
  • Anti-caking properties, better flow
  • Stays drier longer
  • Discourages insecticide infestation


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