Commercial Insecticide

As the world becomes increasingly Green and chemical conscious home-owners, consumers and business owners alike are more and more looking for non-toxic solutions and chemical free answers to their everyday needs. 

The challenge is to meet this consumer driven transition with eco-friendly products that are not harmful to our health, our environment or provide any lasting damage after their application. 

Diatomaceous Earth has a multitude of helpful and practical uses when used commercially - these are well documented on overseas websites. Limited cannot vouch for the authenticity or factual basis for these uses and suggest that customers assess their suitability for themselves. 

Unfortunately, in New Zealand due to the ACVM Act (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines legislation) we are unable to claim the majority of these uses - technically.  The ACVM has re-classified our natural and organic Diatomaceous Earth as an Agricultural Compound - something of an irony in itself.  Consequently we have no alternative but to work through the complex and expensive process to register it as such.  Pending registration we have been legally bound to remove meaningful applications and information from our website until registration is granted.  As a result we apologize for the lack of constructive detail in this section of our website.  We would be grateful for your patience as we hope to have a resolution to this situation in the coming months. 

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