Diatomaceous Earth in the Garden

Diatomaceous Earth from Perma-guard has a wide range of applications and uses in the garden as a natural tool in your arsenal against common garden problems.  DE can be applied wet or dry.  Application can be as simple as hand spread or choose from one of our DE tailored applicators. Alternatively mixed with water at a rate of 20gms per 5 litres you can apply via a pump up type sprayer or simply brush on items at a higher concentration.

Vegetable Garden and Fruit Trees

Spray DE wet via a pump up sprayer on soil to be planted with vegetables and the water run-off zone. Try to maintain an even and thorough application.  Choosing from our range of DE tailored applicators can also make application and dispersion simple and efficient.

BioGro Organic Status

BioGro New Zealand has assessed Diatomaceous Earth from Perma-Guard.  It has passed and been granted registration with BioGro Organic status as both a soil conditioner and animal feed supplement.

BioGro certify ORGANIC farms and input products destined for the NZ, Australian, North American (US & Canada), European and Japanese markets, complying with their respective organic standards.  As such, in order for products to achieve BioGro organic status it must comply with all the standards from each and every of the countries noted above.

Due to a lack of inclusion of DE in the Japanese Organic Standard (JAS), as an organic insecticide, Perma-Guard's Fossil Shell Four is unable to achieve BioGro organic status for this specific application.  Until this situation changes we are unable to claim that DE sold on this site is certified as an organic insecticide.  Despite this, all the other countries mentioned do note it and accept it as such for this particular application.


Diatomaceous Earth has a multitude of helpful and practical uses in the garden, orchard and horticultural applications - these are well documented on overseas websites.  Unfortunately, in New Zealand due to the ACVM Act (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines legislation) we are unable to claim the majority of them - technically.  The ACVM has re-classified our natural and organic Diatomaceous Earth as an Agricultural Compound - something of and irony in itself!  Consequentially we have no alternative but to work through the complex and expensive process to register it as such. Pending registration we have been legally bound to remove meaningful applications and information from our website until registration is granted.  As a result we apologize for the lack of detail in this section of our website.  We would be grateful for your patience as we hope to have a resolution to this situation in the coming months. 


DE will not harm earthworms unless you completely coat them it. Used by worm-farmers in the USA, they spread sparingly over the surface of the soil. The worms will take it in and work it into the soil through the course of their natural action. It can actually be quite beneficial to the worms and the soil as long as it is not over-applied directly to the worms themselves.


Application rates of sprayer

  • Weigh 20gms or measure 60mls and apply in a 5 litre pump up hand sprayer.
  • Alternatively weigh 60gms / 180mls in a 15 litre backpack sprayer.

Application rates for brushing application

Mix 1 cup or 250ml of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with 2 litres of water creates an effective solution. Maintain regular stirring or agitation during use to prevent the DE settling on the bottom.

With careful observation of your garden you will discover the perfect times and volumes to apply Diatomaceous Earth to gain the most benefits.

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