Diatomaceous Earth in the Home

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is useful in controlling and discouraging insects from your home, garage, workshop, sleep-outs, sheds – just about any building where control is necessary.  

DE can be applied around the skirting of floors, under furniture, around the backs of cupboards and closets, nooks and crannies and everywhere you may be having or potentially could have an insect problem.  

Dust around internal and external window sills and doorways to discourage entry by pests.  DE can be added to a pump up type sprayer and applied to external building surfaces as per plant application methods.  For maximum external control, add 5mls per litre of Pyrethrum to further deter outside nasties from coming in.  

Under the house DE can be used on piles and structures to prevent entry by ants and cockroaches into the home.

Inside attics and roof cavities you can apply DE throughout the entire area to discourage insect infestations and tackle existing ones.

DE can also be sprinkled into your household carpet in light and even doses to discourage ants and fleas.  Leave for a few days before vacuuming.  Be cautious with the application, too much has been reported to clog up certain vacuum cleaners.  Baking sieves have been used for this purpose and tend to distribute well.  Garden rakes, a stiff broom or specialist carpet rakes can be used to work the DE into the carpet if necessary.

Applied to kitty litter boxes DE will assist moisture absorption, odour control and reduce attraction by flies.  

Outside, wasp nests can be easily disabled leading to their eventual demise by hitting them with a couple of large shakes from a shaker directly onto the face of the nest.  Any surface wasps will become coated in DE, wasps entering or leaving the nest will become un-avoidably contaminated with DE which will ultimately kill them.  The population will contract, the hive will no longer be serviced which will result in its self destruction.

Ant trails and nests can be similarly coated in DE which will immediately encourage their change of direction and re-location from the area.  Severe infestations may require a number of applications.    Apply heavy doses of DE around rubbish and recycle bin areas to discourage ant and fly activity in those troublesome areas.  


Upon building a new home or building is an ideal time to apply DE to the inside of walls prior to lining interiors and in conjunction with installation.   Gaining some future-proofing of potential insect nests occurring inside walls and cavities will pay dividends long term and provide ongoing protection.

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What our customers say

"Fenix, our 30 year old plus horse was looking pretty rundown/old and seemed like she was on her last days really. We decided to use DE in her daily feed and the results are absolutely fabulous. She looks great! In 1 - 2 weeks she has put on weight, her hooves are strong and healthy, her coat is shiny and her energy levels are well up. She looks amazing.



Rebecca Te Namu


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