Natural Bed Bug Control

Why spend money on chemicals that are most likely ineffective or could cause more harm to you than the bed bugs would? Here at Denz Naturally, we offer a natural solution that has proven its worth over and over again. Our natural bed bug control has been developed over the years using nature's most useful element. With our Diatomaceous Earth (DE) solution, we are able to finally offer a natural bed bug control that works without containing harmful chemicals such as in other off the shelf sprays. Food grade DE is useful in controlling and discouraging insects from your home, garage, workshop, sleep-outs, sheds, and just about any building where control is necessary.

DE can either be used as a natural bed bug control or be applied around the skirting of floors, under furniture, and everywhere you may be having or potentially could have an insect problem. By purchasing our natural bed bug control made with DE, you are not only utilising earth's natural resources, but you are also ensuring that bed bugs are controlled effectively without unnaturally harmful chemicals.

What our customers say

"Mum turns up for a walk and witnesses the Diva running around the back yard like a fruit loop and thinks she is a pup again! She looked at me and asked "what the hell has gone on here?" I just laughed and told her the story..."


Sharon Mischefski


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