Organic Flea Treatment

Our organic flea treatment is an easy applying solution that has a proven track record in treating flea infestations. We have been studying and using Diatoms for many years and they have given us the opportunity to develop an organic flea treatment solution. Once the organic flea treatment is dusted onto any surface with high potential of fleas such as carpet, floorboards etc, our solution immediately gets working as it is a desiccant - a solution with a drying effect. Although Diatomaceous Earth (DE) organic flea treatment is an extremely effective solution capable of getting rid of fleas every time, the fleas must come into contact with DE in order for it to work.

How it works

DE absorbs moisture some six times its own weight thereby causing an environment to become completely dehydrated. This environment becomes too dry for fleas to survive and they become completely dehydrated and die off. It is important to note that this causes no harm to larger living things like animals, birds and humans. To get the best results when using DE as an organic flea treatment, Denz highly recommends that you get it into the target area in application so that contact is guaranteed with the fleas allowing the treatment to be as effective as it can be. So if you are having problems with fleas, give DE a try as an organic flea treatment and you will be surprised how effective it can be.

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